What are Best alternates to Delicious? |10 Best Bookmarking Websites like Delicious in similarity!

20 best websites that could be good alternates to Delicious . Best bookmarking sites that are similar to Delicious for students, businesses, SEO, readers and individual accounts to save bookmarks online free


Top 10 best alternates to Delicious :-
Below is a list of bookmarking websites that are like Del.ic.io.us -The world famous number #1 bookmarking web for tagging, saving, sharing, organizing, managing , importing, exporting, remembering your online stories and favorite web pages at a single place on the Internet for later use.
Here we have compared and described some good websites that work similar to Delicious and that could be a good alternate to it.
Delicious Alternates- similar websites : Here you can see the good options for Delicious if you use it as student, reader, or on a business, professional or individual level.
Delicious is a very big and huge bookmarking website that could be a problem for some users as they are interested on bookmarking for personal use only where they want to make their bookmarks private for some reasons.
Similarly, like Delicious, these social bookmarking services also allow users to customize the bookmarks as per their choice and level.  Though with the help of Delicious you can also share RSS and feed of your bookmarks over social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.
You can use its web API on your website to let users share the post on their Delicious account. You don’t need to confirm your email id on Delicious and you can log in via your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

List of bookmarking web sites that offer bookmarking features similarly as does Delicious for different purposes.

 Bookmarking websites offering features similar to Delicious:

#1 Evernote (individual or business level -enriched with tons of web features)

Evernote is a great bookmarking website that offers to make your bookmarks private or public. Many business hoses, organizations, and companies use Evernote bookmarking services like they do Delicious for.
Similarity- You can save, tag, remember, share, manage your bookmarks from anywhere.
Different – Here you can download Evernote desktop software for making bookmarking process faster and effective.
Evernote offers the following Apps and other sharing plugins for personal or business use-
  • Penultimate
  • Skitch
  • Evernote web clipper
  • Evernote Hello
  • Evernote food
  • Evernote clearly
  • Evernote Peek

#2 Google Bookmarks (Backed by Google – simple/fast/easy like Google)

Save your bookmarks using Google Bookmarks – web pages working similarly to Delic.io.us. Google Bookmarks services owned and run by online search God Google itself.
Here you can save your favorite web pages like you do at Delicious. discover, search, tag your bookmarks in the form of labels.

#3 Diigo (create groups, join/share in community)

Diigo- an old and reputed social bookmarking sites to save your links..and lot more.
Here at Diigo you can create groups, connect with community, use Diigo bookmarklet.
Works similar to Delicious, though some features are missing and some attributes are extra from Delicious. Diigo is a good alternate to Delicious.

#4 Scoop.it (Plus side : share bookmarks on top 5 other social networking sites)

Scoop.it is not only a great bookmarking site, but also a fastest growing networking site for individual as well as business persons. Content listed on Scoopit drives a a great deal of search engine traffic. Its web presence on the search engines is terrific unlike Delicious which is less likely to be found in SERP’s for the bookmarks and content stored on it.
Scoop.it is a way better than Delicious if you want your bookmarks to rank higher in search engines, but go for Delicious if you are inclined more towards managing, tagging, and organizing your content with your friends and colleagues

#5 Give a Link.org

You can share, submit, search others bookmarks on Givealink.org. You can use its bookmarklet or web API to save your bookmarks online effortlessly .

#6 Instapaper (Special : Read it later )

Along with saving your bookmarks, you can also click ‘read later’ button and you can read the story anytime later as they get stored in a separate space which you can access in your free time.
Instapaper serves bookmarking in a unique and nicer way along with giving you the common features every bookmarking site contains. You can download its bookmarklet and also create folders, browse others bookmarks.
Instapaper may be a good alternate to Delicious if you use bookmarking for personal reasons. And its great in that sense.

#7 Scloog ( smart features : Visuals and Tabs )

It’s a rather new entry as an online bookmark saving website, but still it manages to be listed here. The reason  for this is that Scloog offers a new and fresh approach to bookmarking in a visual manner. Users can see the thumbnails of the bookmarked web pages.
This feature makes Scloog really winnable. Though, their are other bookmarking websites that offer the same features, but not like this one. New users would definitely like the looks of their saved bookmarks on Scloog.
Other than that you can create folders, manage bookmarks, make your webpages private/ public, send via email,  add bookmarklet, and create your own tabs for similarly linked pages.

#8 Blink list (Create bookmarks in the form of list)

I am sure you must have heard about it before as Blinklist is online for a ling time now. It offers a speedier, smarter, and effectively good bookmarking platform to all types of users. You can save your bookmarks online in the form of lists. Public lists are rated and voted by other users. You can see lists voted by million users based on the content of the web page.

#9 Folkd

Folkd has been a reputedly buzzing bookmarking website for years by winning the hearts of millions fans and its users. Its an interactively simple yet fast bookmarking site that offers good experience to its users. Make your bookmarks private or public similar to Delicious and use tags, voting system for public bookmarks. Make your bookmarks Folkd 

#10 Yahoo Bookmarks (world wide Yahoo users find it easily accessible ) 


Well, i know this inclusion seems very unexpected in this list of bookmarking sites that are similar to Delicious. But the reason to include Yahoo Bookmarks in the list is: yahoo.com and yahoo mail is widely used by all types of users.

So, it makes Yahoo bookmarks accessible to general people, this is the beauty of it. I mean, users who frequently visit Yahoo.com and Yahoo mail will find it very convenient bookmarking web pages using it. And, Yahoo bookmarks also offer their user the common features of a bookmarking site like Delicious.

You see your bookmarks in your Yahoo Home page

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