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How and Where to get Government and Education Backlinks for SEO?

List of Free Edu and Gov Backlinks where you can generate Government and education backlinks for your blog- All the profile backlinks are free to post.


Methods and Ways to acquire .Edu and .Gov backlinks without harming SEO for your Site. High PR Backlink Sites for SEO.

All the below listed sites are either Government sites (.Gov domain) or educational blogs ( .Edu) where you can get free backlinks for your website/blog. Though, i don’t recommend just submitting your links on these Gov and Edu. sites and blogs for only getting/churning education and Governments sites links famously/infamously known as Edu. and Gov backlinks.
Then, why i have listed these Government and educational websites here ? Simply because, professional marketers and SEO companies are offering the same Gov. and Edu. backlink submission services to bloggers and webmasters for a hefty amount.
They charge anywhere between $20-$100 for the backlinks from 20-30 Edu and Gov sites, Plus, they don’t care if they are spamming the system and making your blog/website penalized by submitting your profile links blindly.
.EDU and .GOV backlinks for SEO

My recommendations considering Educ and Gov backlinks

If you are getting backlinks from a site/blog/system, you must add some value to it, so you give back something to the system are taking and in this way your link won’t ‘stand alone’ and it will have some content around it, which is very important in justifying your link. This way is hard, but has the highest quality and real backlink value! And it serves the real purpose of getting backlinks!

What are the ways/methods to get Backlinks from Gov and Edu Domains?

Simply, in two ways-
By creating a profile page on the concerned site ( if it allows so).
Making comments and putting the relevant backlinks in the comments content.
  1. http://blogs.berkeley.edu/
  2. http://aar.slu.edu/
  3. http://www2.tku.edu.tw
  4. http://torgi.gov.ru
  5. http://simile.mit.edu/
  6. http://rkjsw.sh.gov.cn
  7. http://www.dge.ntou.edu.tw
  8. http://teachers.fju.edu.tw
  9. forum sites for SEO
  10. http://homelessness.samhsa.gov
  11. http://gphyslab.phys.ntu.edu.tw
  12. http://ghsm.hms.harvard.edu
  13. http://www.ric.edu.vn
  14. http://econ3.upm.edu.my
  15. http://csl.unac.edu.pe
  16. http://www.wgjh.phc.edu.tw
  17. http://www.semcali.gov.co
  18. http://www.premed.fudan.edu.cn
  19. http://www.moodle.ateneum.edu.pl
  20. http://www.knopm.uw.edu.pl
  21. http://qaci.eq.edu.au
  22. http://ltrc.tnc.edu.tw
  23. http://lang.ntou.edu.tw
  24. http://gender.cyc.edu.tw
  25. http://dmat.mc.ntu.edu.tw
  26. http://careerempower.niu.edu.tw
  27. http://artcenter.nfu.edu.tw
  28. http://acm.xidian.edu.cn
  29. http://www.itstacambaro.edu.mx
  30. http://serc.nc.hcc.edu.tw
  31. http://lms.auaf.edu.af
  32. http://conteudo.marista.edu.br
  33. http://honglinh.edu.vn
  34. http://vs.hsse.nie.edu.sg
  35. http://notable.math.ucdavis.edu
  36. http://newsblog.mdu.edu.tw
  37. http://www1.eafit.edu.co


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  3. Thanks for finally talking about > Free Govt edu backlink
    sites list |Government Educational sites list < Loved it!

  4. Thanks for finally talking about > Free Govt edu backlink
    sites list |Government Educational sites list < Loved it!

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