Social Bookmarking Software. Best 5 Auto Bookmark Submission Tools

List of 5 GREATEST Bookmarking Software for auto bookmarking submission.


Auto Submit any blog posts, web pages, urls, links, and online content in order to generate backlinks, enhance SEO, and SERP’s for getting higher volume of search engine traffic and maximum number of daily page views !!



Bookmarking Software Tool


Top 10 best social bookmarking software? To be honest, there are not actually any top 10 bookmarking software- at most only 5 best bookmarking software are available for internet marketers that are being used for mostly ‘bulk bookmark submission’, SEO, online marketing, link generation, auto commenting, and article submission.


You can check it yourself. Some are not bookmarking software or auto submitter- they are either keyword researching or SEO tools. For example, you can’t call Social Monkee and Social-Adr as a bookmark submission software in true sense, though most people and affiliates over the Internet started naming it as a bookmark submitter in order to generate quick leads since it comes only in $7.

Bookmarking Submission Sites

Why to use Bookmarking Software?


  • If you own niche blogs or group of websites that you are not monetizing with the content, but through selling products, services.
  • SEO services. Most of the SEO companies use submission tools to sell cheaper bookmarking services to other bloggers or marketers who want to get fast, bulk traffic and backlinks.
  • Small business professionals. If you are  in an online business of selling products, you could use these software to get quick and bulk traffic for as long as you want in a one time fees.
  • You have seen Gigs for social bookmarking, blog commenting, and other online marketing related services. They mostly use these SEO and social sharing software to deliver their services. Otherwise, who would submit your 200+ bookmarks only for $4 ( this is the amount they get after deducting $1 commission from the platform.


Social Media Sites List


My Recommendations :


Use social sharing software with precautions and stay alert on how you use it/where AND how much you use it.

These programs are good and must haves SEO tools for any marketer, but use it only in the following cases and see if you should use them for yourself :-  


  1. If you own 4-5 blog websites where you have hundreds or thousands posts to promote that you can’t do manually.
  2. Do not use the submitter excessively otherwise it may harm your online reputation and Google may drop SERP’s of your webpages.
  3. Submitting post shares to 25-30 social sites per blog per day is OK, but to 80-100 is clearly unacceptable. So if you have 5 blogs, you may post bookmarks to 125-150 sites everyday without any harm but SEO benefits!
  4. These programs are mainly used by internet marketers, SEO experts, affiliates and by professionals who provide social bookmarking services to their clients.
  5. Try to spin the description content of your bookmarks every time you submit to a new site.



Ok, now let’s talk about the Internet marketing kings that changed the definition of marketing and which revolutionized the way experts perform bookmarking!



“So what is the truth behind these so called social sharing software ? To be precise, only Bookmarking Demon, SB, and SeNuke qualify in this category of social bookmarking programs- others are just either very limited or tiny peaces of auto filling web scripts in the name of bookmark submission. “


Social bookmarking sites specially high page rank are very valuable in terms of SEO, backlinks, and fast indexing of your content. Social bookmarking software tools that are safe for Google Panda and Penguin updates.

Some of the most popular Social Bookmarking Tools are: Bookmarking Demon, Social Adr, SeNuke, SB Bomber, etc.

These bookmark automation software are the highest popular bookmarking products in the internet market for you.

With the use of the bookmark submitters you can easily create thousands of social bookmarking accounts without visiting the bookmarking websites in reality, and you don’t need to confirm registration by clicking links in your email accounts.  Bookmarking software does it all for you!


Top 100 Social Media Sites

One Bookmarking Software with Multiple Attributes


These internet marketing or blogging peace of software keep updating automatically the list of bookmarking sites and you won’t have to fill up Captchas with some of the best bookmarking software listed here. They are great SEO and blogging tools used by most successful bloggers, webmasters, advertisers, and internet marketers today.

Without the help of these automated software you can’t do much in a given time limit as you have a huge list of tasks in order to promote your content and improve SEO and page ranks, if you do all this work by your own manually, it will take you 100 times more time!



Quality and features of Bookmarking Software- all combined in a single peace


You don’t need to worry about the quality of these software and they won’t hurt the reputation of your website as they perform the submission task effectively with ease and submission power.
These software come up with loads of features and inbuilt submission tools.


You can also use Edwin Soft’s Ultimate Link Building Software for generating free backlinks and Ultimate Demon supports the following web platforms and you can create backlinks on varied web channels:-



  • Web 2.0 websites and blogs
  • Wikipedia web pages
  • Social Bookmarking Website
  • Video Uploading Sites
  • Web Article Submission Directory Sites
  • Free Press Release Sites
  • RSS and Ping Directories
  • Pdf/Word/text Document Sharing and uploading Sites like Slideshare, Scribbed, etc.


Article Demon: Auto Article Submission




4 ALL TIME Ultimate Auto bookmarking Submission Tools in the Market !!


Use any of these great bookmarking tools and drive massive traffic to your blog and promote it to the ultimate level with the help of these superb bookmark submission desktop programs



  1. SeNuke
  2. UltimateBookmarkr
  3. IMAutomator


Above bookmarking software programs are the best ones on WHOLE of the Internet market world and they are best  aid programs you can ever have for promoting your content with power, ease, and effectiveness to dominate the web.
BUT, if you are not able to afford their prices and want to start with lesser effective SEO tools ( i am not saying them software ! )- you can try any of these posts to get you going ( in the range of $7- $15 ) :-

Social Adr


Social Adr is a good social media sharing and bookmarking tool for 80% MANUAL submission. Check this tool. It’s a great media sharing and submission website where the real users share your posts to their own social bookmarking and best networking sites. Social Adr Review-a natural link building SEO tool

Social Monkee –


You must have heard a lot about it. Some say it’s good others say Social Monkee lacks in quality. I agree with the both types of opinions. I have used it myself. I found it good for some of my blogs, but i did’t use it on my quality blogs that are totally content based.
For online marketing and selling it could be good buy. It costs you very very less. Want to read more on this one before you give it a try? check this post – Social Monkee Review- get 100 dofollow backlinks from PR1-0 Pligg sites 

Update: Bookmarking Demon is currently not operating. So, we excluded this from the list. We will update here as soon as it gets back into the operation.