Blog Promotion Tips| How to Promote Newly Published Posts? 5 must to do things

Blog promotion tips- 5 Things you must do just after publishing a new blog post

This is true that after spending a lot of time in creating a new post, you still have miles to travel before reaching your goal. I mean, you have to promote your blog post through 8-10 ways plus you have to generate backlinks and make off-page SEO strategies in order to rank it well ! Here are some good/better/best blog promotion tips to promote your blog to take it from being ‘a new blog post’ to ‘an established blog post’ with some easy, simple, yet effective steps.

Some points to remember pre-publishing your blog post –

  • Make sure you add meta description tags to your (every) blog post limiting it to maximum 150-160 characters.
  • Interlink your new post with other older posts and create links in this post of other posts whenever possible ( also you should link this post to other relevant posts and anchor texts in your older posts ). Interlinking of your blog posts is very important for on-page SEO !

Follow the 5 things after creating every new blog post- must to do part in order to promote your blog post to the next level :-   

  1. Just after publishing your new blog post, you should Ping it and submit RSS url to Ping sites.
  2. Submit it to some good search engines for free. here is this useful search engine where you can submit your blog url to around 20 good search engines from a single place. Visit Free Web Submission to submit your every blog url to 20 best search engines for free!
  3. Submit your newly publish blog post url to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. You can submit your blog post to any of the top 100 social networking sites (Add meta description to your blog post and it will automatically show as url description while sharing your link )
  4. Write some quality comments on blogs that have content similar/relevant to your newly published blog post. It will help generating some quick backlinks to your post and tell search engines about it.
  5. Create bookmarks of this blog post over 50-100 good social bookmarking sites. This is a great way to ensure that your newly created blog post gets indexed by all search engines swiftly. Plus it will generate good inbound backlinks to your post, which will help creating a link balance to your new post and it gets stabilized on your blog. Now it has passed the litmus test and it will become a regular post on your blog as opposed to a fresh new post !
  6. Submit your blog url to the following 20 best Ping sites 


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