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List of 50 good blogs that use CommentLuv for commenting.

Install CommentLuv plugin for WordPress and Blogger blogs.


Comment Luv is a plugin initially designed for WordPress blogs, and now CommentLuv is available even for Blogger blogs. In this blog post you will find list of some good Dofollow blogs that use CommentLuv plugin on their blogs and webpages from where you can get a CommentLuv plugin for your own WordPress/Blogger blogs.


CommentLuv plugin is a very popular plugin that generates high traffic on your blog as it strongly attracts bloggers who want to post blog comments to get dofollow backlinks.


Posting comments on CommentLuv blogs is a great way to build dofollow backlinks as CommentLuv converts a blog into a dofollow blog. All the blogs that use Comment Luv plugin are forced to (automatically ) use dofollow tag status. Boost SEO for your blog by posting comments on these best blogs.


Benefits of posting comments on CommentLuv enabled blogs-


  1. You get Dofollow backlinks (for this you should register as a member other it will be nofollow link )
  2. You get 2 backlinks (one is through the comment form ). You can choose a link from any of your latest 10 blog posts.
  3. Once you register on this comment plugin, your comment history briefs and links show in every comment you make, a bit like Disqus.


Use CommentLuv plugin on your own WordPress/ Blogger blogs



CommentLuv-plugin for Blogger and WordPress blogs
CommentLuv Plugin for WordPress and Blogger Blogs
CommentLuv plugin has been very popular in generating good traffic through comment lovers and if you want to do so for your blog as well install it and see the traffic waves soaring!!


List of Comment Luv enabled blogs


( Given PR value is for blog Home pages)

This list of 50 good CommentLuv blogs is manually checked and freshly updated. Please post your comments/feed back, thanks! 


  1.     PR5
  2.      PR5
  3.         PR6
  4.        PR5
  5.       PR4
  6.          PR5
  7.      PR3
  8.       PR4
  9.     PR4
  10.        PR4
  11.        PR4
  12.           PR4
  13.              PR4
  14.            PR4
  15.           PR4
  16.         PR4
  17.    PR4
  18.             PR4
  19.             PR4
  20.                PR3
  21.            PR3
  22.             PR3
  23.              PR3
  24.              PR3
  25.              PR3
  26.                   PR3
  27.              PR3
  28.     PR3
  29.                PR3
  30.  PR3
  31.            PR3
  32.              PR3
  33.     PR3
  34.            PR2
  35.           PR2
  36.   PR2
  37.          PR2
  38.              PR2
  39.             PR2
  40.          PR2
  41.         PR1
  42.                   PR1
  43.               PR1
  44.         PR1
  45.  PR0
  46.  PR0




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