DoFollow-NoFollow backlinks| Best Tips and Plugins to use

DoFollow or NoFollow -How to know if a link is Nofollow? Important tips, SEO Plugins for Dofollow/ Nofollow links- A beginner’s tutorial

Dofollow or No dofollow? Considering the value and role of dofollow backlinks, it becomes really very important for any blogger, content writer, affiliate marketer, or online publisher to know “how to find out whether the link from a site is dofollow or nofollow” ? Dofollow back links play a major role for any blog or website in uplifting its online presence, web traffic, search engine rankings, and over all internet visibility. Every website owner or blogger wants to grab the dofollow backlinks from the good PR websites/blogs in order to increase the search engine rankings of their own blog/website.
You have heard a lot about Dofollow and Nofollow links, but If you don’t know yet what is the meaning of Dofollow and Nofollow– Find out here

Two ways to know if the link is dofollow or no dofollow

  1. By looking at the link code you can decide whether this link is dofollow or no dofollow. If there is present this HTML tag : rel=”nofollow” – the link would be nofollow, and you won’t get any link juice from here. If this code is not present in the link, simply it would be dofollow. And you will receive PR value from this link. Though dofollow link used to create by adding this rel tag in the coding : rel=”dofollow” . Now-a-day if [rel=”nofollow”] is missing then by default link will be dofollow.
  2. The best and most popular (now) way to distinguish between dofollow and nofollow link is by using a SEO plugin designed for webmasters to get details about dofollow and nofollow back links. Most commonly used browser plugins are offered by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. There are lots of browser-based plugins dedicated for this purpose, you can get the ones from here. Dofollow Plugins For Firefox  Dofollow browser plugins for Google Chrome.
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