How To Become an SEO or Social Media Consultant and Earn Money Online

Tips for Earning Money Online doing Social Media and SEO Work.

A Beginners guide: How to start working online as a Social Media Expert or an SEO consultant.



SEO is the title given to any activity that is done to improve search engine rankings of a webpage. Becoming an SEO professional requires more than a single skill set, and it includes expertise in website design, programming, on-page optimization skills, developing SEO content, digital marketing and a lot more.

If you have in-depth knowledge in digital marketing and have an interest in social media, then you can be a Social media consultant. SEO oriented career is a respected career choice and has relevance in every industry.

Best Websites for Online Jobs for SEO and Social media experts


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Online jobs for SEO and social media consultants



Becoming a Search Engine Optimization Consultant



Search engine optimization or SEO is a wide path, and it is tough for ordinary folks to know what actually happens behind the stage. SEO is constantly changing each day, and there is something that can do every hour to improve the visibility of a website.


As an SEO expert, you have to try constantly to improve your knowledge and boost your productivity. With your expertise, you need to play a major role in helping brands build their business and bring new users via web traffic.


Learning the basic principles of SEO and practicing technical and off page optimization techniques will help you to continue your journey.

SEO consultants have a lot of responsibilities like website analysis, keyword optimization, content creation, checking SEO parameters, client management, and analytics processing.



Becoming a Social Media consultant


The first step to becoming a social media consultant is to build a powerful social media account. Once you have a few social media accounts that have thousands of followers, you can use it as a portfolio. An active and popular social media account shows your capability, and you can showcase it your potential clients.


Always make sure to build social media accounts in such a way that it is professional and reliable. You can choose a platform where you can demonstrate your expertise.

It can be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or even Pinterest. You can also become an SEO professional by utilizing your knowledge in the field of social media. There will be companies that focus on improving their social media and as an SEO professional.


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Qualities required for an SEO consultant



As an SEO consultant, you need to be extremely knowledgeable and have to be well known about the latest SEO tactics and strategies.  You must be able to tell your clients about the SEO plans you have to improve their web traffic and visibility. You have to be alert all the time to ensure that your SEO technique works.


Keywords keep changing; algorithm changes and Google always come with new things that can affect your strategies. A professional clearly understands that nothing can happen overnight. It requires a lot of hard work and determination to improve organic search results.



Qualities needed for social media consultant


A social media consultant should have an in-depth understanding of what is social media marketing and how they function. For certain brands, various networks may work and may not work at times. You have to know what works for what type of companies. You also have to know about big social networks that can help you achieve the results you require.


It is a general rule not to trust a social media consultant who has few followers when compared to you. So you need to have strongly proven abilities for a brand to trust your works.


Decide on the service you can offer


To start with, you have to choose a type of service and decide to what kind of clients you are offering the services. It can change over the time, but you have to choose something to start. Decide whether you want to offer services to small companies or big brands. Do you like working with local clients or with international business?


It is imperative; otherwise, you will find it’s hard to make progress. Because social media is getting huge day by day and its influences among people are increasing as well. You can’t earn work unless others get to know about you. Once you find out your appropriate niche as an SEO or Social media consultant, you can start requesting for a job. When you can clearly define our services and niche, people will start recognizing you and your works.



Offer your services over Social Media


Before getting hired by social media consultant companies, you can start off your career via the social media platform itself. A lot of business is happening through most of the popular social media platforms. You can search for brands or business that needs an improvement regarding their online presence. Then, offer them services by contacting them directly through DM’s.

If you are a beginner, you can start off with a low fee or even do work for free. Whether you want to become an SEO consultant or a Social media consultant, social media can be a great tool. Focus on building connections so that you can get some valuable testimonials for your future portfolio. Once you gain some real experience and genuine testimonials, you can set a price according to your skill level.

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It’s beyond social media



Social media consultant job is not exactly about social media, and the focus must be about marketing. The career choice is marketing, and the only difference is that you are doing it online via social media. You need to have certain characteristics of a good marketing professional like good communication skills. Even if you are talking online, you have to form a professional relationship with clients that can convert into business later. Treat it as a real marketing job and educate yourself in that area.


To excel in the field of SEO, you have to know what social media marketing is. Once you progress with SEO, you can take any certification in analytics or others that are useful in your career. Completing the course and earning a certificate can help you grow professionally.


These tips and ideas can help you to start with to be a social media consultant or SEO consultant. Don’t think that road ahead may be easy.  To take the job, you have to be active in social media in a professional manner.


No client would hire a consultant who doesn’t blog or even has a twitter account. Building a network goes synchronously with building your career. There will be challenges in your field as with any other industry.

However, with skill and experience, you can make a steady income from the social media consulting job.



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