Sitemap Submission Sites List

Add url Free or  Submit your website’s Sitemap to these submission sites.


A sitemap submission site is where the organization of your site’s content is put into a special submission site so that search engines, like Google or Bing can crawl your site more intelligently. This results in your site being easier to find as well as improving your site’s SEO (search engine optimization). Google through its crawler Googlebot crawls pages in order to rank them, not just your whole website.


Sitemap submission Sites List



Oftentimes, XML files are used for this purpose. The reason for this is hopefully to increase your website traffic. There are a number of sitemap submission sites that you can use to submit your site’s content for free. This can be done manually or through automation.


To avoid spamming, bulk submissions are accepted on behalf of the main search engines.


Here are the most popular Sitemap Submission Sites available


Google Webmaster Tools to Submit url free


Simply input your sites URL and google will do the rest.

This is ideal if your site is newly updated or completely brand new.


Yahoo Search


This is similar to Google and requires registration. Yahoo states that they have several options available for you to submit web pages and content, but, here is the best place to start.



Bing- Submit url free


Bing has made it very user-friendly and simple to submit your content. They have a Bingbot tool that checks to see if your site is on the Bing search engine. They also have a sitemap plugin available to assist in this process.


Yandex Webmaster Tools


This site is designed with a website developer in mind. It offers a range of tools including the option to receive notifications via email to inform you of the general state of your site and if there are any errors or warnings. Yandex requires registration. This is a wise option to use.


Zhanzhang – Submit your site to Baidu Search engine


This is a far east platform and handles the submission process simply. Baidu makes no promises to list your site and it is advised to verify your ownership of your site for the best results.


Exalead – Submit Free

This submission site only requests that you enter your homepage URL. It is a simple one-page procedure which only takes a minute to fill in.


Gigablast- Add url Free


This site is US based and is designed to run on the least amount of hardware. It can index various document formats and has a topic generation facility. To add your URL is straightforward.


Infotiger- Add url free


Another simple site to access and understand. Based in Germany, it contains minimal information as it is geared towards someone who is well informed about these sorts of processes.


Active Search Results – Add Website


This site is simple to navigate and operate. All that is required is your URL and valid e-mail address. They offer information on when your site is scheduled to be indexed which is useful and engaging to know where you stand.


Entireweb – Free Sitemap submission


What you get here is a simple site with a straightforward guideline on what you are undertaking, that is, submitting your site to many search engines in one swoop. This includes the big ones such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


Above is a summary of a vast number of sites available. Once you know your site is error free and sits within the rules of the search engines, (Yandex offers this help), you will be well on your way to gaining greater exposure and higher levels of traffic.


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