Top 10 Social Sharing Bookmark Widgets for your Blog or Website

Top 10 Bookmark Widgets for any blogging or CMS-List of Best social sharing widgets and buttons for your blog 

10 Best social sharing widgets for your blog


Social bookmarking buttons and widgets to put on your Web 2.0 blogs, weblogs, Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Pligg, Drupal, micro blogs, websites, etc. Free install addthis social bookmarking widget and similar other social sharing widgets for your blogs/websites for a better bookmarking options for your blog readers.


Get the latest most popular bookmark widgets for your blog to increase on-page social sharing engagements.
If you install these top bookmark widgets on your blog or website, they are gonna enhance the bookmark sharing activities, blog value, web traffic, and end user involvement . You can simply install these blog bookmark widgets on your blog or website without any technical knowledge required. Get the list of social share widgets !!


Some common features of Bookmark widgets:-


  • They are highly customizable as you can edit their looks, and include/exclude selected social media sites.
  • A good bookmark widget offering platform also offers you content sharing analytic for your web pages and shared content.
  • They are very easy to install (one click installation) , above all, they are free to use on your blog or website.
  • Most of them let you include 50-100 social sharing sites. But, you can always select what is best for your content. Like, for some Pinterest is a must have option if there are lots of good images on the blog, while somebody would like to keep it out as the blog/website is content rich and has very few images posted !


Bookmark sharing widgets, like Addthis, Sharethis, Only wire have been very popular for years among bloggers. These social sharing widgets act as great source of free viral social media traffic to your web pages.


List of top 10 bookmarking widgets and social sharing plugins for Blog :-


Social sharing widgets are considered one of the best blogging tools and by using them you can improve over all social sharing activities on your blog pages.
Get good social traffic for your blog posts by using these social sharing widgets :
  1. Addthis social bookmarking widget
  2. Only wire social share bookmark widget button
  3. Social Bookmarks widgets and Plugins by Social list
  4. Get social sharing buttons from Lockerz
  5. Free install customizable Sharethis widget for any web platform 
  6. Let people get Shareaholic by using this bookmark widget.
  7. Add 100 plus bookmark sites via Addinto widget
  8. Facebook send, comment, and sharing widgets plugins
  9. Twitter buttons for sharing tweets about your blog
  10. Google sharing widget for blogs websites to share on Google+