What are Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites for 2019?

Get a List of Excellent Bookmarking Submission sites 2018-19!


Top bookmarking sites- For those who are very selective and want to submit free bookmarks on exclusive bookmarking sites-here is a list of ONLY top social bookmarking sites for any country in the world as of 2019!

These bookmark websites are very popular on the Internet not alone because of the SEO properties but due to various other reasons. They are high domain authority websites – in terms of Google page rank, Alexa ranking, number of linking websites, number of unique monthly visitors, number of daily bookmark submission counts, etc.


A few Important reasons to share your posts on these bookmarking sites-


And the main attributes of these sites are that they do not moderate the added content. They are open to all- anyone can add their content to them. No moderation or restrictions are applied.


They are highly valued and are counted as a ranking factor by all search engines.


If you submit your content or articles on them with a few backlinks to your newly published articles then your new content get indexed faster by search engines, including Google.


These sites have been online fora long time and they have very high DA and link value. The bookmarking sites are big and popular enough to be respected by every major search engines you may come across.


These top 10 bookmarking websites are very beneficial for SEO of your blogs or websites. You must include them in your ‘must post bookmark websites’ as every SEO expert gives them top priority. If you want to add url to the bulk bookmarking list then you should use an auto bookmarking tool for your advantage.



Some common Characteristics of every sites mentioned in the list are:-


  • Most used bookmarking, highest number of live favorite web pages.
  • Highly popular.
  • Loved by all SEO experts.
  • Favorite of millions of bookmarking fans.
  • Trusted, valued, and quickly indexed by every search engine.



List of Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites for 2019?



There are online for a long time and have gained the loyalty of online users. They are stable, they are reputed, and they are counted as quality bookmarking sites.  And most importantly, they are open to all, not strict, and you can start posting your bookmarks immediately after registering and they will automatically approve your bookmarks.


( That’s why i have excluded Digg from this list. And just be a bit cautious while submitting bookmarks on Reddit as they don’t allow dull titles, just be a little creative and make some interesting titles while posting on Reddit and you are done! ).


If you need, here you can get a list of Instant approving social bookmarking sites list



Here is the real list of top social bookmarking websites:-



  1. Reddit
  2. Scoop it (fastest growing, full of potential) 
  3. Save n Keep
  4. Stumble Upon -now- Mix.com
  5. Pinterest
  6. Diigo
  7. List.Ly
  8. Storify
  9. Plurk
  10. Folked


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